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Where shall I kiss you?

Shall I begin on your spring-soft cheek

And make you blush

A surge of innocence?

Shall I brush my lips

Against your neck,

Breathing hints of pleasures yet to come?

Shall I stop there—or descend

So gently

Toward your breasts

Preceding kisses with a slight caress

Until cravings stir

And you swell with yearning?


Where shall I kiss you

When you begin to writhe and sigh?

Shall I kiss your stomach

As it tenses and quivers

Until undulations of desire

Bring us further still

Toward the center of our longing?


And at that center

As you arch

In agony so sweet,

And open in surrender—

Shall I kiss you there?

Or shall I wait—and move

To your burning thighs

Which seem to me more lovely

Than the gates of dawn


Let me linger there a while

And know the bliss of paradise—

A place where all time stops

And dissipates into eternity.

Let me linger there

And kiss you

Until all-consuming fire melts

Our fine resistance

And then at last

We shall know the truth

of that first morning

When ecstasy was born. 

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