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Uses of Shattered Glass


When you gaze upon the shards

Of shattered windows

Or fine crystal that slipped from your hand,

Do you sweep it, crestfallen, into trash,

Thinking only that it can now draw blood?

Or do you see in its shimmering,

And razor-sharp edges

The light of possibility?





Neither Here Nor There


Fire lilies flame before us

under long lush oaks,

their shade, and seeping

glints of sun. And wisps

of breeze, midsummer.

But Mom, in her large-wheeled chair

Dwells elsewhere.  



Let Me Take You Somwhere Else


Let me take you somewhere else:

Hand in hand, on distant sand

we’ll stroll past ocean’s remnants

as they glisten in the winter sun,

and listen to songs of the sea—

The surf that whispers,

Shhhhh—as a mother to a child

Would say, “Be still. Do you hear?”



Where Shall I Kiss You?


Where shall I kiss you?

Shall I begin on your spring-soft cheek

And make you blush

A surge of innocence?

Shall I brush my lips

Against your neck,

Breathing hints of pleasures yet to come? 


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