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Uses of Shattered Glass


When you gaze upon the broken shards

Of shattered windows

Or fine crystal that slipped from your hand,

Do you sweep it, crestfallen, into trash,

Thinking only that it can now draw blood?

Or do you see in its shimmering,

And razor-sharp edges

The light of possibility?


Look carefully, and you may see jewels—

For tumbled glass, worn smooth

Can make fine pendants—

Or arranged upon the window sill

Can glitter in the morning sun.


In your mind’s eye, do you see

Instead of loss

A grand mosaic,

Or some fused cluster that might sit

Atop your nightstand

And catch the rays of moonlight

Like frozen tears?


And when you gaze upon the broken shards

Of shattered hearts

Once pure

Does it not occur to you

That in this moment, there is more than loss?

Do you not see beauty,

In those fragments

And imagine that the pieces,

Which can cut,

Can also be transformed?


~ Tom Robotham

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